Monday, June 27, 2011

Teaching Children what a Personal Testimony is -

"Personal Testimony is the foundation of our faith." - M. Russell Ballard

Would you like to know about expressing a personal testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel? Jack Christianson called them the "five NON-negotiables of Latter-day Saints". .. Learn the five fundamental truths of a testimony in a new book for Latter-day Saint families - The Testimony Glove.

Kristen M. Oaks, JoAnn F. Phillips, Dan Burr

Help your children learn the basic truths of a testimony!
Based on the true experience of Susan L. Warner, former counselor in the Primary general presidency, this children's picture book tells the story of a girl who learns from her father what a testimony is. To help her understand how to express her testimony, her father uses his hand to teach her the five parts of a testimony in a way she can remember.

Along with the story, the book invites young Latter-day Saints to practice sharing their testimonies using the enclosed glove with pictures that attach to the end of each finger. The glove represents the Holy Ghost. There are pictures representing Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, the temple, and our current prophet, President Thomas S. Monson.

"Taught in story form with beautiful illustrations, and perfect for parents of young families, or for teachers who want to teach this important concept to their classes, The Testimony Glove is an important addition to the gospel library of any home with young children." - Cindy Suelzle
"Emily is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Every Monday, Emily and her family gather together for family home evening. One week, Emily's father surprised the family ..... " so starts the story of the Testimony Glove - which helps us remember the five basic truths of a testimony.
What are they?

1. Heavenly Father lives and He loves me.
2. Jesus Christ is Heavenly Father's Son, and my Savior and my Redeemer.
3. Joseph Smith is the prophet called to restore the True Church of Jesus Christ, and to translate the Book of Mormon by the gift and power of God.
4. The Church of Jesus Christ is the Savior's true church on the earth today and its teachings will lead me to the Temple.
5. We have a living prophet who receives continuous revelation from God.

The Testimony Glove is a hard back book with coil binding for easy sharing with a class or FHE, and thick pages for durability. It is beautifully illustrated by Dan Burr, and even contains a bonus white glove to use as a visual aid while teaching, re-teaching, and reminding. Additional white gloves are also available for individual children in families or classrooms.

Meet the Author Kristen M. Oaks:
  Kristen McMain Oaks has spent much of her life teaching. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in special education (both from the University of Utah), and a doctorate degree in curriculum and instruction from Brigham Young University. She was a former educational consultant in the publishing industry, instructing teachers and supervisors both nationally and internationally. She was also a Visiting Assistant Professor at BYU and served a full-time mission to Japan. After marrying Elder Dallin H. Oaks, she taught and trained auxiliaries in the Philippines for two years while he served as Area President. She currently serves on the board of trustees of the Deseret International Foundation and the Primary Children’s Hospital and recently authored the book, A Single Voice. In addition to her love of teaching, she loves being a wife, mother, and grandmother. She and her husband reside in Utah.

"... a good addition to any “church bag”, and the principles taught would be a great addition to any family home evening lesson." from a review by SCLDS-Bookworm91 -
see rest of the review on Nephi's Books in South Carolina

*Royalties from the sale of this book assist in providing testimony gloves to children in developing countries.

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Monday, Monday in the Summertime

Oh What do you do in the summertime? When all the world is green?
Do you fish in a stream? or lazily dream on the banks as the clouds go by?
Is that what you do? So do I. [well, not quite]
pg 245 - Children's Songbook

Beginning July 1st - Generations will have slightly reduced Summer Hours
Monday - CLOSED during the Summer
Tuesday - Saturday 10-6
no late hours Friday evenings through summer

Oh What do you do in the summertime? When all the world is green?
Do you swim in a pool? to keep yourself cool? Or swing in a tree up high?
Is that what you do? So do I.  [well, not quite]

Oh What do you do in the summertime? When all the world is green?
Do you march in parades? or drink lemonades? or count all the stars in the sky?
Is that what you do? So do I. [well, not quite]

Summer hours will go from July 1st - the day after Labour Day

from all of us at Generations LDS Bookstore

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Remembering Joseph - on June 27, 167 Years after his martyrdom

"The world must deal with the question of Joseph Smith. Was he a prophet? Did he see the Father and the Son? Was he commissioned of God? Is his testimony true? .... The questions Joseph Smith raises, and which continue to press our spirits, are no less numbered and no less important that they were when Joseph was alive. ...." from the Introduction in "Remembering Joseph: Personal Recollections of Those Who Knew the Prophet Joseph Smith" collected by Mark L. McConkie.

On June 27 - we should pause in our busy days to reflect on the horrific events that occurred on that day 167 years ago. That day - a prophet of God and his brother were murdered, and consequently sealed their testimonies with their blood. "...Henceforward their names will be classed among the martyrs of religion; and the reader in every nation will be reminded that the book of Mormon and this book of Doctrine and Covenants of the church, cost the best blood of the nineteenth century to bring them forth for the salvation of a ruined world; .... They lived for glory; they died for glory; and glory is their eternal reward. From age to age shall their names go down to posterity as gems for the sanctified." D&C 135: 6 (John Taylor)

Not a new book, Remembering Joseph was published in 2003, and like many other good books like it, is currently out of print. Those who aquire a copy will be fortunate, and will want to hang onto it, as the real treasure it is.

"The questions Joseph Smith raises, and which continue to press our spirits, are no less numbered and no less important than they were when Joseph was alive." Introduction of Remembering Joseph. The testimonies assembled therein contain answers ..... answers provided chiefly by Joseph's family, friends and associates. "Who better to assess Joseph Smith and his ministry and mission than those who knew him well? .... Those who sat at his table, dined in his hall, slept on his floor, worked in his fields at his side, walked thousands of miles in his company, rode horses, carriages and trains as a companion; these are they who schooled with im, endured poverty and persecution with him, bult temples an cities at his side, raised children with his, and with him - saw children born and loved ones die. They knew hi swife and children. These are the testimonies of those who heard him teach and preach, who talked with ihm of things great and small, and who watched as he mingled and ministered. .... " from the book.

"His countenance was ever mild, affable, beaming with intelligence and benevolence; mingled with a look of interest and an unconscious smile, or cheerfulness, and entirely free from all restraint, or affectiation of gravity; and there was somthing connected with the serene and steady penetrating glance of his ee, as if he would penetrate the deepest abyss of the human heart, gaze into etenrity, penetrate the heavens, and comprehend all world."

So recorded Parly P. Pratt of his impressions of hte Prophet Joseph Smith. So, too, did countless other individuals whose lives were touched by Joseph's life and death - record their thought, feelings, and experiences with the Prophet.

Author Mark L. McConkie has compiled hundreds of personal accounts of encounters with Joseph Smith in this unique biography. Remembering Joseph draws on more than 800 sources, amny of them previously unpublished original diaries and journal, to paint a picutre of the Prophet's character, his temperament, his physical appearance, his spiritual stature, adn many of his experiences. Organized by topic for easy reference, the book is a treasure trove of quotations that reveal Joseph at work and at aplay, as a father and a son, as a boy and as a prophet of God.
Many of the individuals in the book are familiar - family and friends of Joseph - and many of hte events described are familiar as well, but many more are from unknown people whose simple accounts of Joseph blessing a child, stopping by a house for dinner, or teaching the precious truths of the gospel bear powerful wintnessof the nature and character of the Prophet.

The book also includes a searchable companion CD-ROM with thousands more stories, quotes and memories of the first prophet of the Restoration.

Who is Mark L. McConkie?

Mark is also the editor or author of Doctrines of the Restoration: Sermons and Writings of Bruce R. McConkie; The Father of the Prophet; Joseph Smith and the First Vision; and Wit and Wisdom from the Early Brethren. He received his master's degree in public administration from BYU and a doctorated in the same field from hte University of Georgia. He served as the resident dean of the Graduate School of Public Affairs at he University of Colorado. ... He has lectured internationally and has published many articles in professional and scholarly journals. Full and active member of the Church and currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

again from the book ... "Critics will claim that the very closeness of these people to Joseph disqualifies them from bearing an objective witness. But where is the objectivity of Peter, James or John with regard to Jesus? They were the more qualified to testify of Him precisely because they knew Him as well as they did. ... It is the resounding testimony of the hundreds cited [in Remembering Joseph] that Joseph was divinely appointed, and they speak from the strength of being expert witnesses. the Holy Ghost, they repeatedly certify, gave them testimony of Joseph Smith, testimony that is strengthened and emboldened by their personal interactions with the Prophet..
The sheer weight of these testimonies demands a hearing. ..... Even the doubter should be impelled to at least hope that the frequent and compelling testimony of these people is true, for it brings with it - so much promise."  - Mark McConkie

"I feel like shouting HALLELUJAH all the time, when I think that I ever knew Joseph Smith the Prophet." - Brigham Young

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Generations LDS Bookstore Summer Hours

Happy Longest Day of the Year!
June 21 is a Happy Day - more Sunshine than every day before or after! Mother Nature is celebrating by holding off the rain for a day so that we can enjoy the Sunshine.

Beginning on July 1st 2011, Generations will be operating on Summer Hours - which simply means that we will not be open later on Friday evenings thru the summer. We'll be back on regular hours the day after Labour Day - Sept 6.

We are considering closing on Mondays for the summer - but the jury's still out on that.
If you have an opinion on Mondays through the summer, we'd like to hear it. Please Comment below.

At this point, our Summer hours will be:

Monday 10-5 - or Not ......... ? to Monday or not to Monday - THAT is the question .....

Tuesday 10-6
Wednesday 10-6
Thursday 10-6
Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-6

Have a Wonderful Summer!

Cindy & Dan
Kay, Scarlett, Heather

Thursday, June 16, 2011

the Evolution of Thomas Hall

okay, Kay Curtiss shamed me into doing a post on this book, because she did a post on her blog referring to written comments I had posted elsewhere, and I figured if I'm going to talk about it, I should talk about it HERE!

"The Evolution of Thomas Hall" is the first time novel for Kieth Merrill. I know Kieth as a movie director and as a columnist for Meridian Magazine and I have always enjoyed his articles. I have to admit that one of the reasons I first picked up the book was because I was curious about how easily he could transition from one genre into such a completely different one. Just for the record, he did it with flying colours! Thats a lot of talent for one person to possess ......
Watch Kieth Merril interview on Fox News about Hollywood being out of touch with our values.... a movement to produce more Family Friendly and Value Oriented Movies

Thomas Hall is an arrogant, self absorbed, extremely talented artist (we're talking Micheangelo) who has taken his God-given gift for granted, not only failing to acknowledge from whence it came, but failing to realize that where much is given much is required. He has a huge sense of entitlement that is in conflict with any seed of humility that might be lying dormant. But as we all know, the Lord is in control, and occasionally He sees fit to compel us to be humble for His greater purposes. And so begins the evolution of Thomas Hall, from the brilliant but 'cowardly agnostic' artist, to a believing man of faith who replaces his need to be worshipped FOR his art, to using his talent to worship THROUGH his art. A Big Difference indeed. At the beginning of the book, you don't like anything about him, although you have to admit he is brilliant, but by the end of the book you'd like him to marry your daughter! The transition / evolution - is not one that is easy, and it is scripted with enough complexity that one never has the idea that it is contrived or convenient. That's my big peeve - I hate plots that are simplistic or cheesy, and that seem too smooth to be realistic. .... Having said that, I am a big believer that people can change. There are noble and great ones who have lost their way but who finally recognize the spirit when their world comes crashing down around them. Paul, Alma the Younger, Ammon, King Lamoni, ..... why not Thomas Hall?

The story is told so beautifully that I could not restrain myself from marking some choice paragraphs and phrases (although these days I usually try to refrain from writing in my books). I have a lot of admiration and respect for an author who can stir my heart so much - with 'words'. That is a talent - no less inspiring than the talent Thomas Hall possessed as a visual artist, and the talent that Kieth Merril possesses as a film maker of the highest order. I respect the individual who is willing to use his or her God-given talents to creating works that uplift and edify the human soul. Kieth Merrill has done that. Not only does he work in the world of Hollywood, creating films that hit the mainstream big screen, but he was commissioned by President Gordon B. Hinckley to create and direct the church's first film intended for the big screen - "Legacy", and then follow it up with "Testament".

Back to Thomas Hall -
Once in a while a book just stands out. This one stands out. I recommend it to those who not only enjoy a good story - well told - but for those of us who want something more. For those who want to be uplifted, edified, and at the end of the 450 pages, to feel that we are better people for having invested that much time into it - Thomas Hall is a buyer!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Store what you Eat & Eat what you Store!

If you're like me, you've had good years and not so good years when it comes to keeping up with Food Storage. Its not like I haven't always been aware of the counsel to keep a food storage. Oh my goodness, since I was a little girl .....
In our early married years there were months that we almost completely depended on it. Many months that I supplemented it with only $100.00 for fresh produce and dairy. Those weren't altogether bad years - just a little challenging in their own way.
Having 5 children, I was used to shopping, canning, gardening, and cooking for a family of 7. But then slowly, those sleeping at our house started dwindling, and the only big meal of the week was Sunday when they all came home. Still I continued to shop, can, garden and cook for a family of 7. It was a tough transition - and apparently I'm a slow learner. My kids started making fun of the expired dates on things that surfaced from the food storage room. Anybody who knows me, knows that I don't have a sense of humour when it comes to laughing at myself. (I inherited that from my dad.) But they were right. Our food storage rotation began to fall badly behind about the same time we bought the Bookstore. (coincidence?)

Enter the Harvest 72 Food Rotation System (and the beginning of my long relationship with Shelf Reliance). We figured nothing could be more expensive than throwing out all the 'too-old'  food that had seriously crossed the date-line. I hate wasting what I previously considered a good investment.
The Harvest 72 was the answer we wished we'd had 25 years before. It holds up to 600 cans and takes up less room on the floor than we were used to. It cleaned up our food storage area and made rotating a snap. We decided that the time we could have most benefitted from it, was when we could least afford it, so we bit the bullet and gave one to each of our married children that Christmas.

Our youngest son (the one who claimed we were trying to kill him by making him drink expired apple juice - brrrruther!) left for a mission to the Philippines on July 1 2009. We decided that from that day we would stop buying groceries until we had 'eaten-down' our food storage so that we could freshen it up. Wouldn't he be surprised when he came home! We gave our married kids cans of oats and other basics that we weren't using regularly enough. Our committment was to buy only fresh produce and fresh dairy, for as long as it took. It was sorta fun actually. Our Sunday family dinners transformed somewhat - time warped back to the days of our kids' childhoods. That was okay.
We did that for MONTHS! The following April we had a family of 5 adults move in with us for three months. We continued only buying fresh produce and dairy while eating down our existing food storage.
Thats two years of not having bought basics at the grocery store. One Sunday our Bishop announced a challenge to the ward: to go for one entire week living completely on what was stored in our home. HAH! Child's Play! Bring it ON! Our son comes home in only weeks, and we still haven't gone through it yet, (although there are significant bare spots now).

Somewhere in there, we started thinking that it was time to get back into the 'acquiring' mode of Food Storage, but we discovered that as difficult as it was to get out of the habit of shopping for the long term, it was just as difficult to get back into the habit, and we found ourselves in very unfamiliar territory - trying to re-start. Our food storage began to have seious gaps in it, and we knew we needed to fill them, but in our new habit of not grocery shopping, never got around to it. .... Food Storage shopping really is a habit. And so is Food Storage eating!

Shelf Reliance to the rescue again! Right about the time that we were most compelled to action, we discovered that SR's THRIVE 'Q' Program was coming to Canada. We had begun carrying THRIVE Freeze Dried Foods in our store in January 2010, and as we slowly became familiar with it, we were more and more impressed with the quality of each product. (My favorites are Spinach and Strawberries, or Mangoes, or Peaches, or Raspberries...) We had watched with mild interest from an arms length distance as it launched in the United States, but now - suddenly all that changed!

The NEW Q Program: 
The purpose of the Q program - over the regular retail program of selling THRIVE only in stores like ours, is that it "Brings it HOME" - letting people taste it and learn how to use it in their own homes. It encourages friends to share with friends, and provides a whole new way of personalizing a product that simply must be tried to be appreciated.
Its specialty is the Freeze Dried Fruits and Vegetables - which have a shelf life of between 25 - 30 years!
Q. What is the difference between Freeze Dried and dehydrated food?
A. Freeze Drying is a much gentler process of preserving than dehydrating. Foods are dehydrated with the use of low heat, altering the appearance, texture, and unfortunately the food value. To be of use, the food most often must be rehydrated with water, time and occassionally heat. Freeze Dried foods are flash frozen to temperatures of between 50-80 degrees below zero. In that state their natural moisture is removed - creating a product of almost 0% moisture. This process locks in the natural colour, flavour, texture and nutritional value of fruits and vegetables better than any other method of food presevation. Because of the 0 moisture content, it has a sealed shelf life of between 20 - 30 years!

The most common questions people associate with Food Storage are:
Q1 - What do I Buy? and How Much do I Buy?
Q2 - How can I afford it?
Q3 - How do I use it?
Q4 - How do I store it properly? and for how long? 

The 'Q' Program solves these concerns and many more. 
A1 - With the Q Program, you can enter your family's food storage requirements - ie: how many people are you buying for? are you planning for a 6 month supply? a 1 year supply? .... With the information you input, the program calculates what you need. Since most of us are not starting from scratch, you can tailor it to fit your specific needs. That is your Queue.
A2 - You decide how much you want to spend on a monthly basis 'buying down' your Queue. Its a pay-as-you-go plan, so that you can fit it into your family's budget. Since you'll want to incorporate it into your meals immediately, you will start noticing savings right away, starting with less waste. In the Q you indicate how much you want to spend per month, and also what day of the month you want the payment being charged to your credit card. Based on your input your package is delivered right to your door every month!
Because life is full of changes, the Q program is flexible to allow for those changes. Want to increase your payments? no problem? Want to decrease your payments? No problem. Want to add to your Q? No problem. Want to subtract from it? Stop it? No problem. Its your Q. You are in charge of it.
A3 - THRIVE Foods are delicious and pure. Know what the ingredient label on the brocolli can says? "Brocolli". Contents of the can of spinach? "Spinach". What a concept eh? No preservatives. No artificial colours, flavour enhancers, sweeteners, or anything else you can't pronounce. Because of the 0% moisture content, it is not necessary to add preservatives. When I was a young mom, I lived by the adage "if you can't pronouce it - don' eat it". With THRIVE, that's easy!
Because THRIVE Foods are so easy to incorporate into your everyday meals, you'll find yourself using them more and more.
At this moment the open (that means I'm using them regularly) cans of THRIVE Foods I have in my pantry are: 
Spinach / Brocolli / Raspberries / Pancake Mix / Brownie Mix (what can I say?) / Taco TVP / Bacon TVP / Baking Powder
There's hardly a day goes by that I don't use it. I made spagetti sauce last Sunday with the taco TVP and we were half way through the meal before I remembered to point out what it was. My family assumed it had been ground beef. It was delicious.
Use it? Not a Problem!
A4 - Because of the extensive shelf life, it is easy to relax about rotating THRIVE foods, but nevertheless, rotation (first in / first out) is always important. For convenience, the packaging date is stamped on each can - simply add 25 years to know you are using it before expiration.
Using an FRS (Food Rotation System) like the Harvest 72 above, is the easiest way of ensuring excellent rotation.

Q - So the Big Question is: How and When Can I BUY My Own Q?
A - We are anxiously waiting for the official launch of the Q Home Party Program in Canada. We are suited up, and at the starting line. As soon as the official government approval is given and we get the green light, we're READY to GO! That very day, we will have a link on the front page of our website. Simply go into it, click on the 'Q' option and away you go.
Since we have a list of people wanting to be the first in Canada to get their Q's, we'll send out an email on the day we get the green light - to everyone on our email list - letting you know and giving you the link you will need. We'll also post it on our Facebook Fan Page.

Not receiving our emails? Join our email club. Join our Facebook Page.
If you have any questions contact Cindy at
We are looking for Consultants!

If you would like to earn money while you are building your food storage, Talk to Us!
WE NEED CONSULTANTS Who are willing to SHARE this Great product with others.
Being a consultant is fun and easy, and will help you accomplish your goal of completing your food storage, while providing you with a steady income.


To become part of the THRIVE contact Cindy at Generations LDS Bookstore

Gone are the days when we were overwhelmed with the difficulty of Food Storage!
The THRIVE Q simplified it all.
Obeying the counsel to have a year's supply has never been so easy!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Diantha's Crossing

If you haven't discovered this film yet, you're in for a Treat! - done by BYU - a GREAT Film! 
Perfect for those who like to 'think', and who enjoy a story beneath the story.
Diantha is an elderly midwife. She lives in Salt Lake City in 1858, at the time that Johnson's army is marching in. Short months after the Mountain Meadows Massacre. Brother Brigham buries the temple and disguises it as a field being planted. He promises to burn the city to the ground before he lets it go. Most Mormons have been evacuated, he leaves a few men behind to observe and bring word.
Diantha was leaving with the rest when an emigrant woman, near to delivering her first child - a non-Mormon from Missouri way, on her way out west with her husband - has need of Diantha's special talent.
In the setting of Diantha's warm and comfortable cabin, we learn of Diantha's conversion to the gospel, her testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith, her difficult history with the saints from Kirkland, through to the tops of the mountains in Utah territory. We learn that although she is a Christian woman, all is not well in her little corner of Zion. She struggles with hateful feelings toward those who have caused so much hurt over the years, and guilt that accompanies such unChristlike behavior. 
A stranger arrives at her door and while she tenderly cares for her patient, in the quiet hours, she visits with the kind stranger, who looks hautingly familiar somehow .... .
"[Diantha] is both angry and kind, sad and funny as she talks, moving almost effortlessly from topic to topic without losing her place.
Along the way, she confronts her fears, her guilt and her prejudice against those who have caused her family and friends pain. ....
"  click
HERE to read Mormon Times article

click picture to watch trailer
This is the film you want to show in your adult FHE group, Reader's group, or any other collection of adults or older teens who enjoy 'thinking' and iscussing the gospel.
Not really a family film - not because its inappropriate, just because it has nothing to offer children. With that in mind however, I fully intend to watch it with my oldest granddaughter (8) if her parents are agreeable. I think it would promote a great discussion and fodder for many future like-minded discussions.
In my humble opinion, it is one of the best films we've seen for a long time. 
Every home should have one. Every RS should watch it, every empty nesters group should watch it, as well as every serious minded adult FHE group .....
Full of poignant scenes and dialogue from early church history. A visual, sensory dissertation on the transition from this life to the world after this one. Latter-day Saint theology on the imponderable questions concerning the intersection between spirits and mortals. It begs to be discussed afterward. It should be discussed. It could be the catalyst for some awesome gospel discussions. ..........
Okay, enough said. You'd think I produced it or something, the way I'm going on about it. But you know, its fun to come across something you think is so wonderful. THIS kind of discovery (and revealing it) is what makes owning the bookstore worth it!

Diantha's Crossing - DVD
I Loved It! - Cindy

WOW! A Great Movie. Well written, well directed, well acted. Touching. Just enough below-the-surface message to make it deep. An ending to remember. Great film to digest and disect in an adult FHE, Readers Club, or just among friends. Absolutely BRILLIANT!
High recommendation from Cindy

The year is 1858. As the U.S. Army marches on Salt Lake City, Brigham Young has ordered the Saints to evacuate their homes. Diantha Clay - powerfully portrayed by veteran Barta Heiner, A BYU professor who wrote and performed the original stage production - is an aging midwife who stays behind to help a woman about to give birth. The woman was knocked unconscious when her husband struck her as they passed Diantha's cabin, and now Diantha struggles to hold the door shut against the angry husband.

In the next scene, the husband is gone; Diantha now faces a smiling stranger who seems to know her but doesn't explain why he's there. As Diantha tends to her laboring patient and converses with the stranger, she reflects on her childhood and a myriad of memories - from miraculous healings to painful decisions. She takes the stranger to Far West with her to visit a terrible time in her past. Along the way, she confronts her fears, her guilt, and her prejudice against those who have caused pain to her family and her friends. This moving and thought-provoking production will be a treasured addition to any DVD library.

Price: (CDN) $14.95