Tuesday, April 12, 2011

General Conference Women's Nite Out

While the Men are at Priesthood the Women can get together for a "Women's Nite Out".
We hold it every General Conference during the Priesthood session on Saturday evening.
We have been doing it for so long it has become a tradition for many, as well as ourselves. 
Many of our attendees are regulars and never miss. This year we put up a big sign behind our cash wrap announcing it, and that served as a good reminder. Lately we started using facebook too, as a reminder, and it surprised me that some women were still unaware of it, so we had a few newbies join us this year. We always send out a couple of emails prior, that we entitle "Sisters, we have a Date ..." with a few sneak peaks at some of the deals.
* We always have refreshments - usually prepared from one of our new cookbooks. 
* We always have door prizes that we draw for every 15 minutes. 
* We always give away a small gift at the cash wrap. our gift as a thank-you for coming. This year we gave the booklet "Blessings on the Hands of Women" by President Boyd K. Packer.
* We often have a grand prize - of a big framed canvas edition of one of Master Photographer - Hank de Lespinasse's signed and numbered, limited edition photographs of the Edmonton Temple. Most of the time we begin the draw for the picture at GC Women's Nite - and actually draw the name for Mothers Day or Christmas. That way somebody gets a wonderful Christmas gift or Mother's Day gift. It also spreads out the enthusiasm from one evening to several weeks, and gives more people a chance to win.
* We usually have a local author or artist come in to sign. This Women's Nite Bobbi Gray was signing her book Lunenberg Letters.
* We also played the NEW Midway to Heaven movie.
* We offer double reward points for the day.
* And we always have some time limited, great deals - like: 
a piece of art for 1/2 price 
a BOGO table. Buy One Get One FREE. It was very popular.
this year our entire SALE ISLAND was Buy 3 Get 1 FREE. Also very popular.

Its a Great evening to:
1) gather with friends, and see people you haven't seen for awhile 
2) get some GREAT Deals
3) have something to nibble on
4) get something for 'free'
5) enter our drawings for possible prizes (the odds are high you will win something)
and 6) smile for an hour or so.

There is no question that it is an 'Event', and it has become a favorite tradition that we look forward to. Before my grandchildren arrived, it was a tradition with my own girls. My daughter and daughters in law all came into the store to help out. It was a fun way for us to spend time together while our husbands went to the Priesthood session. One by one though, grandchildren arrived to complicate things and trumped me. I miss that time with my girls but think my grandkids are dandy so they're worth it. good thing grandkids are so wonderful  :-)

As a sign of changing times though, my oldest granddaughter is now old enough to come in to help, and sometimes does when we have large shipments etc. I'm sure she'd love to come in next General Conference. Her Mom worked in the store when she was young too. In fact her Uncle Luke started working in the store when he was only 6 years old!  ..... I use the term 'work' rather loosely. :o)

If you have ever attended our Women's Nite Out Events - we'd love to hear your comments!
If you haven't, watch for it next General Conference. SAVE the DATE - its pretty 'dependable'. Of course you can visit us anytime day or night at
http://www.generationsbookstore.com/  Then you can even shop in your pajamas! :o) You can't do that IN the store.....