Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Breakfast: that MOST Important Meal of the Day

Breakfast: that MOST Important Meal of the Day

Whether you're a breakfast person or not, we all want our kids to have that good start on their day. 

Once a week at least, perhaps on Sundays - its nice to sit down as a family for a nice satisfying breakfast. In our busy lives usually that's the only day we can do it, 
so if you're like me, you often serve typical "breakfast foods" for Dinner. 

Whatever works for you, check out the video below for recipes 
and visual instructions from Chef Todd, and for some good fun

* German Pancakes
* 10 Grain Pancakes 
* Breakfast Burritos
* Energy Fruit Smoothie - (here's a hint, add 9 grain cereal into your fruit smoothie for some whole grain added nutrition. LIterally breakfast in a glass)
* Creamy Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal
* Hashbrown potatoes with peppers 
* Egg white Scramble for the calorie conscious  (with all the proteins and nutritients of fresh egg whites but with a three year shelf life!) 

All made in minutes with THRIVE Freeze Dried foods - ever available in your pantry.
THRIVE is always the Healthy, Easy option. Shelf stable for an extended life.  Nutritious and Delicious. No chopping or dicing, and Absolutely NO waste. Cooked without the fat and grease often associated with your typical breakfast foods


I think I will go and make some breakfast!