Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Generations LDS Bookstore Summer Hours

Happy Longest Day of the Year!
June 21 is a Happy Day - more Sunshine than every day before or after! Mother Nature is celebrating by holding off the rain for a day so that we can enjoy the Sunshine.

Beginning on July 1st 2011, Generations will be operating on Summer Hours - which simply means that we will not be open later on Friday evenings thru the summer. We'll be back on regular hours the day after Labour Day - Sept 6.

We are considering closing on Mondays for the summer - but the jury's still out on that.
If you have an opinion on Mondays through the summer, we'd like to hear it. Please Comment below.

At this point, our Summer hours will be:

Monday 10-5 - or Not ......... ? to Monday or not to Monday - THAT is the question .....

Tuesday 10-6
Wednesday 10-6
Thursday 10-6
Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-6

Have a Wonderful Summer!

Cindy & Dan
Kay, Scarlett, Heather

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  1. take it off and enjoy the summer!!
    Jessica Livingstone