Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eliza's Field of Faith

 I read a Great book to my grandaughter . . . . "Eliza's Field of Faith"
by Raschelle Castor.

What a wonderful book - based on a true story, and beautifully illustrated by Dixon Leavitt - every author's dream of an illustrator.

I wiped tears away on almost every page - something it seems my grandaughter is quite used to, and she just patiently waited. I think she thinks my voice just naturally cracks when I read.
Eliza's father is called away to serve a mission far away, and he leaves his family with the hope that they will be blessed for their faithfulness. Eliza doesn't see things that way, and she thinks its unfair that the prophet expects so much from her family. "When the prophet calls," her mother reminds her, "it is as if God is calling. And I'm not about to tell God No."
Eliza feels that her family is unfairly tested during her father's absence, and just when they need the Lord the most, He lets them down. No seagulls to eat THEIR crickets! What Eliza soon realizes, is that the Lord has not let them down, and that sometimes miracles happen in ways we least expect them. "Faith ALWAYS precedes the miracle."
It was a story I loved reading my grandaughter, and I'm sure we'll read many more times. I hope it is a story she becomes so familiar with that she memorizes it, as I expect that there will be many times in her life when she could use a reminder of how the Lord is ever mindful of us, and that our ways are not always His ways.
I recommend this book for everyone who has young children (or young grandchildren), and everyone who loves beautifully illustrated, tenderly told stories of inspiration and encouragement. Truth is, if I didn't have grandchildren I still would have bought it. Its MY kind of book. Grandchildren are a good excuse to read outloud.
Michael de Groote, of the Mormon Times said "There are many children's picture books in the national and the LDS market. Eliza's Field of Faith is one of the best. It is a book that is full of beauty and inspiration for adults and children.”
I completely concur. 
 Told thru the eyes of Eliza -- a young girl whose father was called away on a mission, this is the true story when there was no miracle of the gulls, .... ."

Comment from another reader:
"I just bought this book and absolutely can't stop raving about it! My wife, and mother-in-law both read it and cried. I read it and cried. Wow. Amazing work Rachelle. Such symmetry and power in the prose! Thank you for sharing this book with the world!"
- Cindy

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  1. I'm always pleased to hear that "Eliza's Field of Faith," has touched someone. Cindy, thank you for posting about it.