Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sun Oven? in Alberta?

What the heck is a Sun Oven? and can it possibly be of any value in Alberta? 

A Sun Oven is a cooking solution for energy conservation or emergency preparedness. It is a durable appliance that can reach 400 degrees Farenheit - yes, even in Alberta! Hey, we have more sun year round than most other locations. Its not the temperature you're supposed to think of here, its the 'sun', and even in the winter, Alberta gets plenty of sun.

Devised for areas where heat sources are expensive at best, non existant at worst - a sun oven is the perfect way to harness the sun's rays to cook outside in the heat of a summer's day, without heating up the kitchen too. But the same principle that works in the summer, works in every season - just with variation and a little ingenuity. Angle your Sun Oven to catch the rays of the sun, and let nature do the rest. With special reflectors and a tempered glass door to retain the sun's powerful heat, the Sun Oven can cook anything that can be baked in a conventional oven: breads, cakes, muffins, pizza, vegetables, poultry, fish, meats, casseroles, grains, pastas and desserts. It lets you harness the power of the sun to cook without fuel. How simple and yet how clever is that? 

Working like a greenhouse, the Sun Oven will work on any sunny day at any time of the year - rays from the sun can pass through the glass front, but a good deal of the longer waves can't find their way back out. The result: heat is trapped inside. For convenience, the Sun Oven comes equipped with an oven thermometre, and can reach as high as 400 degrees and can be adjusted by adjusting oven and reflectors. It is not difficult to maintain a 350 degrees oven.

The adjustable Sun Oven reflectors allow you to take advantage of differing sun positions - depending on time of day and season. It is easy to take anywhere there is sunshine. When closed, it is as portable as a small suitcase. With the Sun Oven, you will be prepared for any interruption to traditional power sources, able to cook any kind of food as well as boiling water. As long as there is sunshine, you will have the power you need to cook your meals.

Hints for increasing the efficiency of Sun Oven in winter months: 
1) The sun is so low during the winter that the solar oven and reflectors need to be tilted at nearly a 90 degree angle. 
2) Turn the cooker frequently, especially when needing a constant high heat like for breads or muffins. 
3) Best cooking time is between 10 AM - 2 PM. After 3:00 on short days, the sun is too low for solar cooking. 
4) To increase circulation of your cooker on cold clear winter days, wrap the body of the cooker in an old blanket. 
5) For highest heat, check for gaps between glass and the box. Should be a tight close. 

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